Creative solutions for
maximum automotive comfort

The heart of KIPP CCS undoubtedly beats in development. People from all over the world work in our central corporate division. Which is not so surprising, since our region has always been associated with inventiveness, perseverance and working things out. People have always been innovative here – long before the term existed. In short, it’s exactly the right environment for engineers who want to pursue their passion for vehicles all out.

We’re a system supplier specialising in creative, flexible solutions for automotive comfort. This means we’re always in a position to advise even the most demanding customers competently and to develop products independently and bring them to serial production readiness.

We have comprehensive market and manufacturing know-how, combined with the right understanding of our customers' goals, values and needs. The result is independent solutions for individual requirements. Design and material quality are always in harmony with your brand. Regardless of whether you already have clear ideas or would first like to explore the potential of a basic idea - we look forward to your challenge. And we assure you: If you come to us with a question, you will get the right answer.

Creativity and efficiency

Passionate professionals are responsible for product development at KIPP CCS. They guarantee the best results, because they combine the highest levels of knowledge, experience and engineering with lots of flexibility and quick decisions. Our efficiently structured processes form the basis, while at the same time, offering sufficient freedom for creative thinking.

Our development teams work closely with project management – from the initial idea, to preliminary quality planning, to the successfully developed new product. The Key Account Manager responsible for you and who is also your trusted contact person, is always involved in the project.

Our synergies are your advantage

Since we have development and production under one roof, we have all the requirements for efficient production always while reacting very quickly when necessary. For this purpose, we use modern CAD software such as Catia, Siemens NX or the data and workflow management Pro-File as well as established project tools.

Only assured quality goes into serial production

Before each serial production, we apply a strict quality assurance system. Through our own in-house validation, we can test and ensure all relevant properties. For this purpose, we use state-of-the-art processes, test facilities, material test stands and climatic chambers. The release for series production takes place only when every detail in material, function and quality meets the highest requirements.

Our project processes and development stages

  • Customer inquiry & target definition
  • Requirement assessment & target definition
  • Concept design & definition of cost framework
  • Customer order
  • Project planning & timing
  • Specification & requirements definition
  • Idea generation & first drafts
  • Optimization process
  • Development tools and processes
  • Coordination with production
  • Validation & material testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Finish & project release
  • Start of serial production