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As a system supplier to the automotive industry, we have the highest quality standards. In order to uphold these standards, we have kept production largely in our own hands all along and we work with a large vertical range of manufacture. We use all of what Industry 4.0 has to offer in the way of networking, and we continuously invest to keep our machinery up to date and achieve the greatest possible efficiency.

We strive for the perfect interaction between man and machine, engineering and automation, diligence and software. Added to this is our sophisticated quality management system – all of which enables us to achieve absolute precision in our end products. These are some of the reasons why renowned automotive manufacturers across the world trust in the quality of our products and in our reliability as a supplier.

Core competence


We use our own appliances for component assembly, designed by the company's own equipment management team. We assemble individual small, medium and large series using automated assembly systems. All of our processes involve techniques such as force-displacement monitoring, electronic servo presses, fully automated final inspection systems, in-process functional testing and documentation.

Core competence


We primarily process aluminium, aluminium extruded profiles and die-cast zinc blanks. A wide range – from simple components to complex five-axis machining. Our CAD/CAM department produces 3D designs and custom processing programs for each machine. We establish the programming strategies needed for efficient process times.

In the serial production area: Machining centers of the Chiron Mill 2000 High Speed and Mill 3000 High Speed series. 2) Hydraulic clamping devices for safe clamping and reduction of cycle times. Spindle-integrated cutting force monitoring and laser-monitored tool inspection for constant control of tool wear or breakage.

In our machining departments we also produce high quality sample parts as well as low volume series production. Machining is performed by means of main and counter spindle driven tools.

Core competence

Injection moulding

Three-shift operation on fully automated lines since the year of construction, 2013.

Optimum plant efficiency: all of our machines feature Multilift V robots and intelligent, flexible material feeders. Automated conveyor technology for the precision production and sorting of finished components. Arburg host computer system (ALS) are used to monitor and connect our machines, enabling real-time machine data at the click of a mouse.

Core competence


The perfect cut – it’s all about the right technique.

We have responded quickly to increasing demand in the market: Kipp CCS now has a large number of sewing and embroidery machines at all three of its locations. These include simple sewing machines as well as computer-controlled portal sewing machines with laser cutting – so we are ideally equipped for every kind of application and material. The focus of our sewing work is on technical processes such as sewing in pull-tabs and edging the nets of our wind deflectors and wind bulkheads. We have a wide variety of sewing techniques in our portfolio, because when it comes to sewing, quality never goes out of fashion. Contact us – we’ll provide you with an offer you’ll like.


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