Sustainability begins in the mind

As a business, we are an essential part of society: we have an impact wherever we employ people and do business. This entails responsibility, which we have fulfilled since the company was founded and which we exercise sustainably, both inside and outside the company. By acting sustainably, we mean not only helping to shape our immediate environment, but also making our contribution to an environment that is also worth living in in the future.

This includes raising awareness of the importance of resources, promoting the development of sustainable innovations that lead to sustainable products, and using energy in a way that reduces emissions. Equally important to us are just social conditions for our whole workforce. For this purpose, we have developed a special Code of Conduct to whose principles we commit each and every employee.

We also focus on sustainability in our relationships with our partners. On the basis of honesty, fairness and respect, we strive for long-term good partnerships that are satisfactory for all involved.


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