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Cargo Management


Albert Einstein once explained his well-known aversion to tidiness with the answer: “A genius is rarely orderly, and an orderly person is rarely a genius.” We beg to differ: For us, making organization so easy for people that it becomes intuitive and effortless and happens as if all by itself is a stroke of genius – especially in the trunk space of a vehicle. After all, it’s not only about things looking neat and tidy, but also about how to safely stow and secure heavy and bulky objects such as suitcases, crates of bottles, sports equipment or shopping bags
in a way that ensures that all vehicle passengers are protected against injuries. Nothing should be able to slide around or, in the worst case, fly about, when the driver suddenly jams on the brakes or the road has lots of bends.


This is why we design and manufacture ergonomically-optimized cargo management solutions with which everything in the trunk simply finds its right place: load floors and rail systems for partitioning the trunk space and securing objects, as well as various add-on modules for a wide range of different loads. These can either be integrated into the bodyshell of the vehicle during production or retrofitted as aftermarket accessories. Both options have one thing in common, our typical, guaranteed quality that won’t give in, even under heavy loads and stresses.

KIPP CCS stands for market-leading expertise and many years of experience in the design and construction of cargo management solutions. We are one of the world’s leading and most experienced suppliers in this sector. For example, we were the first manufacturer to realize and bring luggage rail systems to market maturity. So it’s hardly surprising that our customers include automobile manufacturers from around the globe.