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Convertible comfort systems


KIPP CCS designs and manufactures innovative comfort systems for convertibles for more top-down driving pleasure throughout the year. Our experts work hand-in-hand with our customers on the creation of unique solutions based on our market and manufacturing expertise, our clear understanding of the objectives, values and needs of our customers, and our dedication to the advancement of in-car comfort.


Without a roof over your head, you experience a joy of driving that remains unattainable for the passengers of a hard-top car. Clear skies overhead. The feel of the sun on your skin. The scents of freshly mown meadows as you drive by. Experience the unrivaled intensity of top-down driving with all your senses. Cars are used to get to a chosen destination. In contrast, in a convertible, the journey itself is the destination.

This experience is all the more wonderful without chilly drafts, windswept hair, and loud noise. Wind deflectors to prevent this have been around for quite a while. But conventional solutions must be set up by hand, which always means that you have to stop the car. It also means you have to decide on whether you need the wind deflectors before you set off on a trip, even when you may have to take an uncomfortable build-up of heat in the car into account when you stop at the next red light.

A gentle breeze at the press of a button

Any time it’s needed, even when underway, our innovative electromechanical comfort system for convertibles is now considerably more comfortable and flexible than ever before: If the air deflector is to be used, a press of a button is sufficient to automatically move the system into position. Quickly and easily, with no awkward grips or handles – and without having to stop the car. And it can also be retracted just as quickly, easily, and conveniently. The rear seats remain fully accessible all the time.

This is made possible by intelligent technology from KIPP CCS: Air deflector slats with a net are unobtrusively integrated into the roof frame of the windshield and act together with an adjustable wind deflector located between the rear seat headrests. The airflow is deflected upwards over the heads of the vehicle passengers and the pressure within the passenger cell is increased. This slows down backflow and reduces air turbulence. The system even detects whether the rear sears are occupied or not and correspondingly adjusts the setting of the wind deflector. As the driver and the passengers in all seats are protected from the wind, the result is a noticeably more comfortable top-down driving experience. At the same time, wind noise is reduced to a level that enables normal conversation, the enjoyment of music, and ensures that the driver can understand instructions from the vehicle’s navigation system.

Furthermore, the interior retains heat better – meaning the convertible season can be extended with top-down driving in all four seasons, even when outdoor temperatures are a little below normally comfortable levels. The same principle applies in combination with the air conditioning system, ensuring that the driver and passengers enjoy a cool and comfortable ride with the top down in even the hottest weather.

Wind deflector system front and rear (electrical deployment)