Design elements Bentley


We are a systems supplier for premium automobile brands. The components we design and produce for each individual brand are always visible in the vehicle. It is therefore clear that design is one of our core competencies. From the interrelationship between our expertise in automotive technology and quality of design, we therefore also develop special visual solutions that complement our key products.

Today, attractive and distinctive design is one of the most important differentiating factors in brand profiling, especially in the automotive segment. Looks also play an important role for car buyers – they wish to make a personal style statement with their choice of design and emphasize their personality. In a broader sense, design components can therefore also be considered to be “comfort factors”.

Natural wood load floor

Natural wood in the vehicle trunk is something truly special. This unusual project was realized in collaboration with a master joiner, who contributed traditional craftsmanship to its creation. The wooden load floor was treated with a special varnish to protect it against sunlight and preserve its elegant looks for years to come.

Door sill protectors

Exceptional automobile brands must be exceptional in every detail. Examples of this are the branded aluminum door sills that ensure that the unique brand experience begins as soon as the door is opened. The sills can be installed with or without integrated lighting – and make an impression in either case.

Loading floor trim bars

A functional eye-catcher – or a good-looking anti-slip fixture? Which ever way you look at it, the trim bars enhance both the looks and the functionality of the trunk space.

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