KIPP Group and Stiftung Olympia Nachwuchs

Olympian achievements.

The KIPPGroup, as a partner to elite sport and a supporter of OlympiaNachwuchs (Young Olympians Foundation), was allowed to help design the supporting programme from 29.12.2022 to 05.01.2023.
We wanted to share some of the wonderful images of this event.

Our management trainee Katharina Menz kicked things off with a live judo show fight and demonstrated a number of different fighting techniques.

This was followed by more live shows and competitions featuring: freestyle football, trampolining, wrestling, breakdance “breaking”, rhythmic gymnastics, wheelchair fencing and boxing.


✔ We take responsibility and provide comprehensive support to young athletes, acting for instance as a place of training and an employer, to assist them with the considerable challenge of combining competitive sport with a career.
✔ We currently have two management trainees at the KIPP Group: Katharina Menz (judo) and Tim-Oliver Geßwein (trampolining).