We develop and manufacture intuitive cargo space products. Our complete solutions combine functionality and design and guarantee easy installation.

Multifunctional luggage space floors

Developing modular functional luggage space floors Comfort, order and safety

The multifunctional load floors are not initially noticeable in the trunk. They are integrated in such a way that they blend in without any edges. It is not until you use them that you notice the various functions. Through various materials which repel dirt and water we can reduce objects from slipping in the cargo space. Through hinged elements that segment the trunk so that each piece of luggage can find its place safely. Thanks to sliding functions that make loading and unloading easy and ergonomically safe for your back. The number of combinations and advantages is almost unlimited...

Multifunctional luggage space floor with stand-up function

Multifunctional luggage space floor – perfect for your shopping

Multifunctional luggage space floor – with dirt tray

Multifunctional luggage space floor with backrest feature

Cargo rails

Always well organized on the road.

KIPP CCS develops, produces and supplies ultimate quality restraining rail systems for international automobile brands and different vehicles. First developed by us for serial production, these rail systems divide up the vehicle load space and provide a basis for various add-on modules such as luggage holders, shopping bags and transport boxes.

Our robust, custom-designed cargo rail systems have high load capacity and ensure that your cargo stays securely in place.

Cargo rails

Telescopic frame and belt roller extension modules

Tie-Down add-on

Cargo rails

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