Lightweight stability.
Our milled aluminium components give every car body the support it needs.

Complex milled components

We’re at home in aluminium

Whether as a high-precision structural component in the bodywork, a functional cargo rail in the trunk or a stretch-bent, machined profile in the wind deflector; whether as a stabilizing backrest in the cargo floor or as a decorative treadplate - aluminum can be found in many KIPP CCS products. For good reason, because the outstanding properties of this material offer many advantages: good weight and strength ratio, high corrosion resistance and infinite recyclability. In addition, it is particularly lightweight, which is why our customers prefer to use it in bodywork construction and battery housings for e-vehicles.

Thanks to our large machining department, we can process and refine aluminum components up to a size of about 2,500 mm.

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Milled aluminium structural components

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