Safe with KIPP. Safe into the future.

Our corporate philosophy is characterized by sustainable thinking and action. We want to live responsibility - towards our customers, business partners and employees as well as towards resources and the environment.

An integral part of our mission statement is our vision: it defines what we stand for, what we strive for, and the principles that guide us as we work together to master current and future challenges. Based on this, we want to actively shape the future so that we will still be the leading provider of ideas for product solutions in modern mobility tomorrow.

Our values

What our actions are based on

Our values – guides for acting efficiently together, for responsibility, dynamism and fairness – these values form the basis of the way we behave and we put them into practice day after day. It’s the only way we can achieve the quality that will really meet the demands of your brand. To us, project management means listening carefully, asking the right questions and finding the right answers. The result: quicker and more efficient processes in every project phase – from the initial idea to the customized, market-ready solution.



To us, responsibility means: making decisions, having courage and embodying reliability.

  • Securing jobs for a shared future.
  • We are a reliable business partner to our customers and we work with our solutions to achieve mutual, long-term success.
  • We contribute to sustainable development through our actions: resource-friendly, economically successful, socially balanced.
  • We are committed to Germany as a business location and are rooted in our region.


Dynamism is the ability for goal-oriented implementation, paired with the willingness to change and the determination to shape something new.

  • With creativity and flexibility, we create the basis for long-term success.
  • With decisiveness & courage to change, we move forward purposefully.
  • We meet new challenges with joy and determination.
  • With enthusiasm and passion we want to move things and achieve success together.


Fairness is based on appreciation and respect. It’s an essential pillar of our trusting relationships and the basis on which we consistently achieve our goals.

  • We treat each other with respect and show appreciation.
  • We support each other and keep our word.
  • We address issues directly and objectively and stand for transparency and dependability.
  • We recognise performance and deal openly with mistakes.