Development is the key area of our company – the beating heart of KIPP CCS. Although we employ people from around the globe, it is nevertheless no coincidence that our company was founded and grew in a region of Germany renowned for its inventiveness, a passion for making ideas work, and single-minded perseverance. The people here were innovative long before the word became common usage. When you add the enormous passion for automobiles, you have exactly the right environment for engineers with body and soul.

As a systems supplier, we specialize in solutions for in-car comfort. We are therefore in a position to provide expert advice to discerning premium customers, while also developing our own products and bringing them to serial production maturity.

When you as a customer come to us with a question, you can rest assured that we will have the answer you need. Our market and manufacturing expertise and our understanding of our customers’ objectives, values and needs enable us to develop and realize unique solutions that perfectly fulfill your requirements. Styling and material qualities are always perfectly harmonized with the image of your brand. Regardless of whether you have more concrete concepts in mind, or would simply like to sound out the potentials of a basic idea, we always look forward to taking up your challenge.


Our developments are realized in an efficiently structured process that simultaneously allows plenty of room for creative lateral thinking.
Expertise, experience, and the fine arts of engineering are combined with outstanding flexibility and fast decisions to guarantee convincing results. In total, up to 35 specialists at KIPP CCS are primarily employed in product development. From the initial idea onwards, all functions required for the realization of a successful
innovation are integrated in our development team. Our product design engineers work closely with all areas from project management and project development to quality pre-planning.

As your trusted partner, your Key Account Manager is also always involved in your project and is familiar with its momentary status. Having production and development under one roof brings the significant synergy-benefit of enabling us to keep close tabs on the requirements for efficient production. We utilize advanced CAD software and project tools that have proven their value for our specific needs, e.g. Catia, Siemens NX and the Pro-File data and workflow management package.

Before serial production can begin, every product is subjected to a stringent quality assurance regime with in-house validation processes in which all relevant properties can be tested and verified. We employ state-of-the-art validation processes and testing equipment, material test rigs and climate chambers. Approval for serial production is granted only when every detail with regard to material, function, and quality fulfills the most stringent requirements.