We fulfill our promise “We care about Car Comfort” time and time again – for example, with these smart and unusual solutions that open the way to entirely new dimensions of comfort. In construction and finish, materials and functionality, all products we develop are precisely tailored to the requirements and the brand identity of our customers. As is the case for all products we produce, our standards with regard to ergonomics, quality, and service life are particularly high. This naturally also applies to smooth and frictionless operation, even after long periods of use.

Folding table for rear seat passengers

The table integrated in the rear section of the center console opens up at the press of a button. The tilt of the table top can be set to any angled – ideal for reading a newspaper, using a tablet, or working with a laptop. Of course, the table can also be simply used as a coffee table or, when kids are onboard, as a table for games and toys.

Flexible event seats

Take a seat at sports events, picnics, or when changing your shoes – the flexible seats are always at hand when you need them. They are made for attachment to KIPP CCS loading floor rails.

Overview of benefits