KIPP CCS, as part of the KIPP Group, has entered into a special kind of strategic cooperation with the vocational schools in Oberndorf and Sulz.

When outstanding Olympic athletes, Vice World Champion and multiple German champions organize sports lessons

When outstanding Olympic athletes, Vice World Champion and multiple German champions organize sports lessons, when curriculum-oriented teaching units are taken over by companies on their premises, when value-oriented cooperation as well as successful communication and leadership in everyday business life are made tangible for students in the form of workshops, one can really speak of a special kind of cooperation.

As of now, this applies to the vocational schools in Oberndorf and Sulz in the newly created strategic cooperation with the KIPP Group. Specifically, with the HEINRICH KIPP WERK in the area of standard elements in Sulz-Holzhausen and the KIPP Car Comfort Systems in the area of automotive on Sulz-Kastell.

In the company-wide Christian Kipp Academy, the contents of the curriculum addressed are taught in training rooms of the company - in workshop form with modern methods - instead of in school. As a partner company of top-class sports, the KIPP Group also employs top-class Olympic athletes, who then design the sports lessons at the schools, making them an unforgettable highlight.

Principal Christian Gronauer is enthusiastic about the cooperation content. "A great and above all unique added value for our students". Among other things, Gronauer expects to see "increased personal and social competence". These, in turn, are already the very "decisive requirements for employees in companies" according to Karl-Josef Rebmann, responsible for personnel and organization in the KIPP Group and a member of the company management. "We can't just demand skills, we have to promote them ourselves - and do so socially at a very early stage" is Rebmann's motivation for the KIPP Group's special commitment to the schools in Oberndorf and Sulz.

For Nicolas Kipp, who runs the company together with his father Heinrich Kipp in the fourth generation, this newly created cooperation is "built on a very stable foundation", reflecting an almost complete overlap in the respective values - the mission statements - of the vocational schools Oberndorf-Sulz and the KIPP Group. "The decisive basis for joint successful cooperation," concludes Kipp.